About Us

ProSolutions is a large wholesale and retail agriculture company based in Springfield, TN. We supply crop/ turf protection chemicals, seed and fertilizer. Our focus is to bring value and sustained profitability to our customers through innovation, service and knowledge.

Our basic mission is to provide chemical, seed and fertilizer inputs for the agriculture, golf, lawn care, nursery/greenhouse, and industrial markets.

We have multiple locations throughout the Mid South.

Please contact us for the service, price and value you deserve.

Springfield, TN (Corporate Office)
Phone: 615-384-2573
Fax: 615-384-3364
  • Spencer Searcy, General Mgr.
  • David Adams, Operations Mgr.
  • Jennifer Motsinger, Business Mgr.
  • Josh Nicholson, Credit Mgr.
  • Jon Fisher, National Sales Rep.
  • Raymond Wickard, Professional Products Sales Rep.
  • Blake Dorris, Professional Products Sales Rep.
  • Carrie Cassetty, Office Administrator
  • Ryan Dickerson, Agronomist

Pembroke, KY
Phone: 270-475-2130
Fax: 270-475-2134
  • Eric Wells, Location Mgr./Ag Sales
  • Susan Wright, Ag Sales
  • Kyle Penick, Ag Sales
  • Randall Wells, Operations Mgr.
  • Blake Dorris, Operations Mgr.
  • Tara Borden, Administrative Assistant
Adairville, KY
Phone: 270-539-4187
Fax: 270-539-2996
  • John Noe, Location Mgr./Ag Sales
  • A.C. Robey, Operations Mgr.
  • Ann Stout, Administrative Assistant
  • Debbie Moneypenny, Administrative Assistant
  • Jason Brown, Ag Sales

Crofton, KY
Phone: 270-424-6072
Fax: 270-424-6074
  • Travis Askew, Location Mgr./Ag Sales
  • Bobby Robertson, Operations Mgr.

Maryville, TN
Phone: 865-983-1454
Fax: 865-983-6947
  • Erich Weber, Operations Mgr.
  • Ron Carter, Professional Products Sales Rep.

Manchester, TN
Phone: 931-728-2755
Fax: 931-728-3885
  • Kevin Taylor, Location Mgr./Ag Sales
  • Lenzi Long, Office Administrator
  • Cory Dziadkowiec, Inside Sales
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