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CHAMPION GQ (Lolium perenne) perennial ryegrass blend was developed with turf characteristics important for all uses. In addition, CHAMPION GQ has superior seed quality, with a NO POA tag based on extended seed testing so you are not planting your problems. The cultivars used exhibit rapid establishment, stress and disease tolerance, cool weather active growth, wear tolerance and recovery. They demonstrated high overall performance under various maintenance levels ranging from golf course fairways to residential lawns. The range of performance of CHAMPION® GQ makes it ideal for all perennial ryegrass uses. The components of CHAMPION® GQ have been selected for excellent traffic tolerance which makes it superior for use on sports fields, as well as parks. The high summer performance due to its drought and stress tolerance make it ideal for permanent turf. Yet CHAMPION® GQ has also shown excellent performance as a grass for overseeding bermudagrass with superior winter growth. Excellent germination and growth with saline water enable CHAMPION® GQ to be used in marginal sites.