Defiance XRE 25lb Bag

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Defiance! XRE Turf Type Tall Fescue Blend with eXtreme Rhizome Expression (XRE) is the ideal choice for commercial landscape, sports fields, parks, golf roughs or residential lawns. Defiance! XRE with rhizomes is the key to a robust, beautiful turf. Rhizomes give plants the ability to spread densely across large areas and provide strong knitting ability, enabling easier sod lifting. Defiance! XRE is a tall fescue blend featuring Blackwatch 2, Guardian 41, Grande 3, Rowdy, Speedway, SR 8650 and other high rhizome varieties. The high incidence of rhizomes in these varieties, combined with other improved tall fescue varieties, gives Defiance! XRE faster recovery from injury, superior wear resistance and better ability to recover from stress than other tall fescue mixtures. In addition to rhizomes, Defiance! XRE also has very high levels of endophytes, which give it a natural resistance to many surface feeding insects