Performance Enhancer Select (Fungicide Activator) Pint

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Performance Enhancer Select is a high-quality adjuvant designed for use with systemic and contact fungicides to augment the performance of the active ingredients while extending disease control. Performance Enhancer Select is designed for use with fungicides registered for use on all golf courses, sports fields, residential and commercial lawns and other turf applications. Performance Enhancer Select will be the last item added to a tank mixture. Agitate until the spray is thoroughly mixed. Continue agitation as necessary to maintain mixture and ensure an even application of active ingredients. Mix 1 pint per 100 gallons of solution.
  • Boost disease control of fungicide applications
  • Lowers the irrigation or rain wash-off
  • Improved spreading confirms a larger coverage of fungicides
  • Drying time is slower which allows for better systemic acceptance
  • Perfect for delicate turf grasses such as tee boxes or greens

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