Pre-Emergent Hebicides

Prevent weeds from sprouting with these professional-grade products.

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What is a Pre-Emergent Herbicide?

A pre-emergent herbicide is a granular or liquid form product you put down on your lawn or garden prior to weeds starting to germinate and sprout so that they do not have a chance to come up along with your plants and grass. They are not effective at weeds that have already appeared. There are both broadleaf and selective pre-emergents to choose from so make sure you know which weeds you need to control, so you can decide which would be best for you and your lawn.

Why should you use a Pre-Emergent Herbicide?

It is recommended to use a pre-emergent herbicide so that you can prevent weeds from appearing at all and can save on the hassle of killing or pulling weeds post-germination.

When is the best time to put down a Pre-Emergent Herbicide?

Pre-emergent herbicides should be used right before the weeds you are trying to control begin to germinate. In general, early spring is when most pre-emergents are used, however some weeds come up later in early summer, so it needs to be applied late spring. In the southern continental US, it wouldn't be a bad idea to use some in late fall or winter as well to prepare for weeds that come up in spring. Timing is important when putting down pre-emergent so make sure you know when the weeds you are trying to control begin to grow and follow the product label to know when it is best to put it down for the best results.

Are Pre-Emergent safe to use?

Pre-Emergents are safe to use as long as you follow the instructions on the label and take the necessary safety precautions into account. Wear the appropriate PPE and follow the label guidelines on how much to put out and when will help ensure your safety. For more information about the specifics of how to apply safely and its potential toxicological effects, always review the product label.

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