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Why should I use Spyker over other brands?

Spyker Spreaders have been innovating spreader technology for over 150 years! Their commercial grade spreaders are the culmination of everything they have learned over the last 150 years. They've taken feedback from the pros to create the most durable, efficient, and ergonomic spreaders that are currently on the market. Each spreader also contains an enclosed gearbox that has metal gears which enhance durability. Every spreader comes with a precise dial system that helps you spread out exactly what you need.

Which spreader should I use?

Spyker Spreaders have a world class lineup that can seed, fertilizer, and ice-melt anytime during the year. One spreader ideal for the homeowner is the P20-5010 light duty spreader. This spreader has a light 50lb hopper and is easy to push due to the pneumatic tires. Need to seed a new lawn? Then the P70-12010 is perfect for the job. This drop spreader can accurately drop seed where you want it with its' two side-by-side 18" hoppers. These are just 2 examples of the great lineup that Spyker Spreaders has to offer.

How do I calibrate my Spyker Spreader?

Each spreader comes with its' own manual that contains all you would need to know on how to calibrate your spreader. Using the P20-5010 as an example, the manual contains two charts that give approximate dial settings based on the particle size or what type of grass seed it is. Another method is to also use the very helpful Spyker Calibration Calculator located on the Spyker website. It's very simple to follow along with and gives the ideal dial settings for what you're spreading.

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