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What's the difference between Selective and Non-Selective Herbicides?

Non-Selective Herbicides are formulated to kill any active growing vegetation it comes in contact within unwanted areas. Selective Herbicides are formulated to kill specific broadleaf weeds while not harming your wanted vegetation.

How do Non-Selective Herbicides work?

Non-Selective herbicides could use two different modes of action to control unwanted vegetation in an area. Contact herbicides kill weeds in a short matter of hours coming into direct contact with the plant leaf. Systemic Non-Selective Herbicides kill the plant by entering through a point in the plant which is typically the roots.

Where should I use Non-Selective Herbicides?

Non-Selective Herbicides can have several different uses depending on the area you want to clear. They can be used on current or future constructions sites to control unwanted vegetation. Non-Selective Herbicides are also very helpful if you're looking to completely start from scratch with a lawn by killing the grass you're not satisfied with.

What effect do Non-Selective Herbicides have on the environment?

Non-Selective Herbicides effects differ based on the active ingredient used to produce it. Most can adversely affect fish in water if it's not labelled to be used around those areas. It also can kill vegetation in other areas if not sprayed according to the recommendations based on the manufacturers label. Please read the label thoroughly to determine how to use the Non-Selective Herbicide you are spraying.

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