SpraKil S-5 Brush Control Granules (Tebuthiuron 5%) 6 lb Jug

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Please refer to Product Label and SDS for specific Instructions:


NON-CROP WEED CONTROL INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY SpraKil S-5 is intended for total vegetation control. It is an extremely active herbicide which will kill trees, shrubs, and other forms of desirable vegetation having roots extending into the treated area. Feeder roots of many species of desirable vegetation extend many feet beyond the drip line of the branches, and a very small amount of SpraKil S-5 in contact with one feeder root of a tree, shrub, or other desirable vegetation may cause serious injury or death to the entire plant. An arboriculturist (tree expert) should be consulted to help you to determine if the area of proposed application is free of all roots of desirable vegetation.The effect of SpraKil S-5 on desirable vegetation may be irreversible, and its presence in the soil may prevent growth of other desirable vegetation for some years after application. Read the entire label before using SpraKil S-5to determine if this product is suitable for the desired purpose. Do not use SpraKil S-5 on areas such as walks, driveways, streets, lawns,patios, tennis courts, swimming pools, cemeteries, or other landscaped areas, or under asphalt or concrete pavement where future landscaping is planned. Do not apply on or near field crops. Do not apply on any area into which the roots of desirable vegetation may extend. Do not apply in locations where the chemical may be washed by runoff or sheet erosion in contact with roots of desirable vegetation, as severe injury or death may occur. Roots of trees, shrubs, and other desirable vegetation may extend far beyond the drip line of the plant's branches. Ditchbank Usage: Do not apply SpraKil S-5 to interior ditch banks (areas which slope toward the drainage). Do not apply to ditches used to transport irrigation or potable water. Thoroughly clean all traces of SpraKil S-5 from application equipment after use.
  • Ready-To-Use Product - No mixing required
  • Granular Formulation - Eliminates herbicide Drift
  • Apply SpraKil S-5 by hand tossing 2 ounces of the granules around the base of theunwanted individual woody stem. Wear protective gloves when applying granules byhand. Repeat this process for each unwanted woody plant.
  • Safe to Handle - Non-flamable, non-corrosive and non-volitile

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