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What is a Fungicide?

Fungicides are a type of pesticide that control or kill fungal diseases on plants whether through direct contact with the infected area, or through the plant's tissues and cells. They mostly come as either a dry powder, or in liquid form.

What kinds of Fungal diseases do Fungicides get rid of?

Most fungicides control a wide variety of different diseases on many types of shrubs, trees, or grasses; however, each product is different. It is important to review the product label to ensure which product controls what type of disease on what plant.

Are fungicides safe for the environment?

All of our Fungicides are registered with the EPA and safe for use in the areas they are authorized to be used on. Always refer to the label about what areas it can be used in, and which should be avoided. Many fungicides should not be used on or near waterways or areas where potential drift or runoff can occur. Be mindful of the weather when applying as rain soon after or before application can lead to runoff. For more information about the environmental hazards and how to appropriately apply, see the label of the product you intend to use.

Are Fungicides safe to use? Even with pets?

Fungicides are safe to use even with pets as long as you follow the instructions on the label and take the necessary safety precautions into account. Wearing the appropriate PPE and following the label guidelines on how much to put out and when will help ensure the safety for both you and your pets. Some products have a recommendation about waiting some time before letting your pet outside, however each product is different. For more information about the specifics of how to apply them safely and their potential toxicological effects, always review the product label.

What is the application rate for fungicides?

Each fungicide has its own application rate depending on the type of disease that needs to be treated and on what type of plant it is being applied to. Reviewing the product label will explain what amount should be mixed and sprayed or directly applied to the fungal disease for the best results.

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