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Spike 20P Herbicide is a long-lasting and highly effective herbicide that controls multiple tough brush species. It provides a premium woody plant control on fencerows, pipelines, rangeland, highways, and other non-cropland areas. Works from the roots, making it ideal to use for brush sculpting and sagebrush thinning programs. This long-term herbicide can control tarbush, oaks, maple, and big sage, plus it helps in improving wildlife habitat and grazing. Better applied on soil that is not soaked with moisture or frozen through aerial or ground broadcast application. It kills brush over time so visible effects may take up to a year or so. USE:Along highways, fencerows, firebreaks, industrial sites, wildlife habitat, right if way, pipelines, rangeland, railroads, and other non-cropland areas. TARGET PESTS:Burroweed, snakeweed, sagebrush, Whitehorn, tarbush, oak, willow, sugar maple, bigleaf maple, hickory, pine, spruce, blackberry, blueberry, coyote brush, and other brush species.
  • Active Ingredients: Tebuthiuron - 20 %
  • Application: Aerial and ground broadcast.

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