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Tordon RTU herbicide is a ready-to-use product that is effective in cut surface applications for killing unwanted trees and preventing undesirable sprouting of cut trees in forest and other non-crop areas such as fence rows, roadsides and rights-of-way.
  • Effective: Kills cut stumps on fence lines&non-cropland areas. Control unwanted trees by cut surface treatments in forest&non-crop areas such as fence rows, roadsides&rights-of-way
  • Superior Results: Keeps more than 20 woody species at bay. It translocates into the tree's root system to stop resprouts
  • Easy-to-use: No-freeze formulation keeps the product flowing freely. The blue dye in lets you easily keep track of treated stumps
  • Instruction: No mixing or measuring is required, and you can use it nearly year-round. Just pour it into the convenient squirt bottle applicator, and go to work
  • Ideal for in-season and off-season brush control

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3 reviews
Death to stumps!
Jul 23, 2022
Product did exactly what it was supposed to. Killed the hell out of that stump, no fuss, no muss.
William Munny
Death to stumps!
Jul 7, 2022
I love this product! It smells strong on the stump, even after a heavy rain. But after several weeks, there is no regrowth whatsoever on the stump, and the smell goes away. What more can I say?
William Munny
Jan 9, 2021
Excellent company to do business along with the Tordon products that do the job