Healthy Ponds Aquasphere Pro Biodegradable Pond Treatment 3-pack, Treats up to 1,000 Gallons Each

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The AquaSphere PRO is an all-natural time-released dispensing system that introduces beneficial bacteria into the water, which reduces excess nutrients and breaks down organic matter that clouds water. Our AquaSphere®PRO sinks to the bottom and treats ponds and lakes for up to 30 days. The spheres are biodegradable, making cleanup safe and easy.
  • Natural bacteria and enzyme blend reduces excess nutrients, sludge and ammonia, resulting in improved water quality and clarity
  • Treats up to 1,000-gallon
  • Provides 24/7 water conditioning for 30-day
  • Saves time and effort, with no mixing, measuring or mess
  • Safe for humans, pets, fish, birds and plants