Jacto SB-8U

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The Jacto SB-8U sprayer is the perfect option for you looking for a compact, resistant, easy-to-handle equipment that does not leave operational efficiency behind. With an 8-liter (2-gallon) tank, this small sprayer makes it easy to move around and is ideal for working in smaller, hard-to-reach areas. At Jacto, we continually focus on quality. The Jacto SB-8U is equipped with special FKM seals that have greater resistance to the most aggressive chemicals on the market. The high quality, rechargeable, Li-ion battery provides a long-lasting dual voltage power source and eliminates pumping effort, bringing more agility to daily work and reducing operator fatigue.
  • Handling and Maintenance: Equipped with a simple, protected "on/off" switch, it is very easy to use. It does not require tools to assemble and has a low maintenance cost as it has few wear points.
  • JB-1220 battery: installed internally, fully recharged in 6 h, provides an autonomy of 8 to 13 tanks between charges, depending on the spray nozzle.
  • Hose: made of special PVC, tested and approved in static and dynamic tests for resistance against the most aggressive chemicals.
  • Trigger: it has a continuous spray lock, brass needle and removable handle that works as a wrench to assist in the assembly and maintenance of the sprayer.
  • The JEP-80U pump has special FKM seals that are 5 times more resistant compared to conventional Viton® seals. It has internal parts that are easy to replace, reducing maintenance costs.

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