Beleaf 50SG Insecticide

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Beleaf 50SG insecticide from FMC has an active ingredient different from any other major class of insecticides. It specifically targets piercing and sucking pests so they stop feeding within 30 minutes. Working by ingestion or contact, it disrupts an insect's nervous system and their ability to feed, while having a low impact on many important beneficial insects. Its effective control of psyllids makes it a valuable tool for potato and citrus growers.
  • Approved for use on leafy and fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, brassicas, potatoes, pome and stone fruits.
  • Translaminar movement supports control via ingestion and contact.
  • Insects stop feeding within 30 minutes of ingestion.
  • Excellent residual control of up to three weeks.
  • Low impact on many important beneficial insects.