A-Rest Plant Growth Regulator

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    1 Quart
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  • 2.5 Gallons
    2.5 Gallons
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A-Rest Plant Growth Regulator produces a more compact plant by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis, resulting in shorter stem length. With A-Rest Growth Regulator, growers are able to produce high-quality plants that are more compact, uniform in height, and darker in color. Because of their compact size and since they need less water, plants grown with A-Rest Plant Growth Regulator and able to better withstand shipping and transportation.
  • Ancymidol 0.0264%
  • Container-grown bedding plants, Flowers, and Foliage Plants
  • The amount of A-Rest required for an optimum growth response depends upon pot size, stage of growth, method of application, season and varietal response. Please see label for dilution guidelines.