Advion Fire Ant Bait 2lb

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Advion Fire Ant Bait controls the entire colony of fire ants, pavement ants, or big-headed ants in just 24 to 74 hours. In addition, Advion is the ideal choice for broadcast applications or for treating fire ant mounds directly. Up to 4 applications of Advion Fire Ant Bait may be applied per year. These are generally applied at 12 to 16 week intervals. However, rainfall or irrigation within 2 to 3 hours after application may reduce the effectiveness of Advion Fire Ant Bait and a repeat application within 7 days may be necessary to achieve the desired level of control.
  • Active Ingredient: Indoxacarb 0.04%
  • Application: 1.5 lbs. per Acre, or .5 oz per 1,000 sq. ft.

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2 reviews
Home Owner
Nov 15, 2021
My half acre yard, was one giant fire ant mound! Apply in late afternoon on a dry day, stay away from mounds, sprinkle all around the yard! Foraging ants take it back to queens! Could tell it was working as actives mounds seemed to have less ants! After 2 weeks ants building nests disappeared! I live where it gets cold enough where they go under ground for most of the winter! Product is awesome! Ants no longer are in my house!!!
Retail Customer
Apr 20, 2021
Had massive issues with fire ants, did all kinds of things to get rid of them. Finally called Arrow Exterminators in Tucker, GA 770-621-9595 Katura informed me to use Advion product by ProSolutions. Called ProSolutions customer service for detailed 'how to use product for most effective use'. Followed ProSolutions application. I am ecstatic with Advion results! It destroyed all areas when properly applied! Thanks to Katua for recommending Advion.
Richard Lauter