Cutless 0.33G Growth Regulator 21 Pound Bag

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Cutless 0.33G Landscape Growth Regulator is a growth regulator for perennial ground covers and woody ornamentals. Cutless 0.33G Landscape Growth Regulator works systemically to suppress terminal growth resulting in a more compact plant growth, less trimming, and in some species intense greening and smaller leaves. Cutless 0.33G Landscape Growth Regulator is absorbed by the roots and translocated to leaves and stems.
  • Cutless Granular is a systemic plant growth regulator that slows shoot growth of hedges, shrubs and groundcovers in landscaped areas.
  • Plants treated with Cutless Granular will require less trimming and will have a more compact growth form.
  • Use of Cutless Granular will improve your profitability by reducing labor and fuel costs.
  • Sustainable benefits include improved plant health and reductions in irrigation, fuel, emissions and plant material sent to landfills.

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