Dominant X-Treme 7 Creeping Bentgrass Blend 25 lb Pail

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Recommended uses for Dominant X-Treme 7 include seeding or sodding golf course putting greens, tees and fairways, either new or renovated, as well as overseeding conversions on greens planted to older, poorer performing varieties that need to be updated. This creeping bentgrass blend adapts well for low mowing on greens as well as for reduced fungicide management on fairways and tees. Dominant X-Treme 7 creeping bentgrass blend is a welcome enhancement to Seed Research of Oregon's stable of blends. This blend of three superior performance bentgrass cultivars including 007, SR 1150 and MacKenzie, was designed for superior performance in all areas where creeping bentgrass can be used for greens or fairways. Dominant X-Treme 7 takes improvements to the next level, providing a denser, even faster establishing, more Dollar Spot resistant turf with advanced cold weather performance and winter color.

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