Essential Plus 1-0-1. 100% Natural Organic Fertilizer

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100% Natural Organic Soil Amendment and Root Stimulator with 21 L-Amino Acids Essential Plus is a 100% organic liquid that works both as an amendment for soils and as a safe, effective root stimulant for all turf types. Created by Growth Products, Ltd., an industry leader in technological innovations, this versatile product represents a quantum leap from polymer chemistry into colloidal physics. Essential's liquid formula is made up of particles just slightly larger than atoms, which are dispersed in a pasteurized and homogenized solution with a long shelf life. Essential Plus is easy to use, safe to handle, and compatible with all fertilizers. Derived from potassium humate, 21 natural L-amino acids, enzymes, simple & complex sugars, vitamins, kelp extracts, carbohydrates, hydrolyzed organic proteins, a natural wetting agent and natural biostimulants, Essential Plus has all the "building blocks" for plant and soil nutrition. Its broad variety of high quality ingredients dwarfs competitive products which typically contain only two or three ingredients at most. Essential is ideal for a variety of golf course situations. Tees and greens treated with Essential Plus show improved vigor, improved drought tolerance, higher heat tolerance, and increased disease resistance. The high concentrations of active, soluble humic acid and cellulose fiber help replenish soils that have been depleted of organic matter. Regular use of Essential Plus also reduces the effects of soil compaction, improves water penetration, increases a soil's cation exchange capacity, and neutralizes excess salt accumulations.
  • 100% Natural Organic Soil Amendment and Root Stimulator with 21 L-Amino Acids
  • Rejuvenates soil structure
  • 21 L-Amino Acids
  • Contains Kelp Extracts, Humic Acids, Gibberellic Acid
  • Excellent food source for microbial activity

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