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Imazacast is a selective, systemic aqueous formulation herbicide that can be applied either directly to water for the control/suppression of target submerged aquatic vegetation, or it can be applied as a broadcast spray to floating and emergent plants. The systemic activity of Imazamox, the active ingredient, provides leaf to root control of targeted weeds.
  • Provides control of a both surface and submerged vegetation in aquatic environments.
  • Can be used in noncrop industrial areas such as railroads, tank farms, pumping stations, rights-of-way.
  • There are no restrictions on livestock watering, swimming, fishing, domestic use, or use of treated water for agricultural sprays.
  • Quickly absorbed and translocated to growing portions of the target vegetation.
  • Active on many submerged, emergent and floating broadleaf and monocot aquatic plants.