Italpollina 4-4-4 Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer, with Beneficial Microbials, 25 lb Bucket

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Italpollina 4-4-4 Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer, 25lb bucket Manufactured from poultry manure rich in nutrients, humified active organic matter, trace elements, and beneficial microorganisms. Improves the microbiological, physical, and chemical soil fertility. Homogenized and pasteurized for quality, consistency, and purity. Apply up to 12 lbs of Italpollina 4-4-4 per 1,000 square feet. Best if incorporated into soil. For best results, reapply Italpollina 4-4-4 pellets every 3-4 weeks throughout growing season. Every day for the last fifty years, we've grown our ideal of a sustainable future through our products.