Jacto HH5 Portable Sprayer, Blue

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The HH-5 was designed for homeowners and growers who want a high performance, fully repairable, small, compression sprayer, for controlled spraying both indoors or outdoors. The sprayer is lightweight at only 3.2 lbs empty, and easy to carry and operate with either hand. The removable pump gives access to the wide funnel-style opening for quick and easy fill ups. The tank has a decompression valve mounted on the top side of the tank. This valve lets the operator remove any pressure from the tank so the tank lid can be safely removed for refilling and cleaning. The HH-5 is fitted with the same high quality, chemical resistant pressure hose, trigger valve, stainless steel wand, and adjustable nozzle that come with all of Jacto's professional backpack and battery backpack sprayers. The sprayer is compatible with all household and commercial liquid pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Not for use with bleach, wood deck stains or concrete sealers. Included is a 6 month limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • The HH-5 is a heavy duty, 1.32 gallon (5 liter) compression sprayer, ideal for small area spraying or precise individual plant coverage and has both a carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap.
  • This sprayer is made of a high-durability polyethylene tank that is fitted with a decompression valve for pressure control and for safely removing the tank lid.
  • A manual piston type pump is fitted in the tank with a comfortable carry/pump handle to pressurize the tank. The pump is repairable and a separate seal kit is available.
  • The wide funnel-style opening allows for quick, easy filling, with reduced chance of spillage while filling the sprayer.
  • A 53" reinforced chemical resistant hose, trigger valve with lock and strainer, 14" stainless steel wand with nozzle filter, and adjustable nozzle makes spraying a precise and comfortable job.

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