Jacto PJB-8c Backpack Sprayer, Blue

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This Jacto compact, over the shoulder, battery powered sprayer is designed for users who need a high performance sprayer, only in a smaller, lighter weight package. The PJB-8c weighs only 5.3 lbs empty, including the battery. The lithium ion battery charges in 6 hours or less, will spray continuously for 2 hours or more, and comes with a separate plug-in charger. There is no loss of pressure as the battery discharges. The sprayer uses an on-demand, diaphragm pump, that does not run unless the trigger valve is depressed, saving battery life. The pump is fitted with an internal filter to prevent clogging of the pump. With the adjustable nozzle in stream mode and calm conditions, the sprayer is capable of horizontal spray up to 30 feet for hard to reach areas, and 25 feet in height for tall applications. The sprayer is compatible with all liquid herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, for home or commercial application. Included is a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • The PJB-8c is a 2.1 gallon compact, lightweight (6 lb), over the shoulder, battery powered sprayer
  • The 8c is equipped with a Lithium ion battery that will provide more than 2 hours of continuous spraying and comes with a separate charger that recharges in 6 hours or less
  • The sprayer has an on demand diaphragm pump that has no pressure loss as the battery is depleted. pressure stays constant regardless of battery level
  • A 53" reinforced chemical resistant hose, trigger valve with lock and strainer, 15" stainless steel wand with nozzle filter, and adjustable nozzle makes spraying a comfortable job
  • The UV-resistant tank has a separate carry handle, accurate volume markings in gallons and liters, and a wide 3.9" opening with strainer

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