Orthene PCO Pellets

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ORTHENE PCO Pellets with acephate effectively control cockroaches, ants, crickets, firebrats, wasps, earwigs, pillbugs and sowbugs. ORTHENE contains acephate, a proven active ingredient. Pellets mix easily with water and can be used as a crack and crevice spray or for perimeter and spot treatments. Acephate offers the most effective German cockroach control in commercial kitchens. Because of acephate's residual effectiveness on tile, stainless steel and other non-porous surfaces, ORTHENE is a preferred pest-control option of many food-service professionals.
  • Active Ingredient: acephate 97.4%
  • Mode of Action: acephate, an organophosphate insecticide, works by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase and ultimately paralyzing insect nervous systems
  • Apply within industrial, institutional and commercial buildings including restaurants, warehouses, stores, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants and ships
  • Comes in a box of 10 1.4 ounce packs