ProSolutions Defoamer: Defoaming Agent/Antifoaming Agent 1 Pint

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ProSolutions Defoamer may be utilized with any tank mix and any active for control of unwanted foam. Use ProSolutions Defoamer with any tank mix that requires a defoamer to knockdown foam quickly. ProSolutions Defoamer also severely reduces foam reformation during mixing and spraying, making applications more efficient by eliminating the need for stopping to add more defoamer.
  • Defoaming: Squirt it directly on foam that has already formed. Stop agitation then add enough ProSolutions Defoamer to get rid of foam
  • Antifoaming: Add ProSolutions Defoamer after the first ingredient. Do not add to dry tank or before the addition of water. Some tank mix partners create more foam than others. For ingredients that cause a lot of foam to form and it may require a use rate up to 2 oz. per 100 gallons to adequately control foam. Other factors such as temperature and amount of agitation will increase or decrease the amount of control needed.
  • May be utilized with any tank mix and any active ingredient for control of unwanted foam.

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