ProSolutions Green Spray Indicator Dye 2.5 Gallon

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ProSolutions Green is designed to be added to herbicide spray solutions to indicate the spray pattern on turf. By colorizing the spray, applicators can apply to areas that have not yet been sprayed and avoid re-spraying areas where the solution has already been applied. ProSolutions Green will mix with any water soluble pesticide or fertilizer and will not impact the efficacy of active ingredients. The color will fade naturally after application in wet or dry conditions. Use Rates: A variety of factors will influence the intensity of color sprayed, including the plants being sprayed and the rate of application. To determine the optimal use rate, start by adding 1 to 2 pints of Prosolutions Green to every 100 gallons of spray solution. Adjust as necessary (higher use rates will yield a more visible spray pattern) until the desired color is being sprayed.

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