Soluble Oil Spray Superior 70- Second Type 2.5 Gallon

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Superior 70-Second Type Soluble Oil Spray For Use On Woody Ornamentals, Citrus, Apples, And Palm Trees To Control White Flies, Scale, Mealy Bugs, And Other Listed Insects. Active Ingredient Petroleum oil ....98.00% (Unsulfonated residue not less than 92%) Inert Ingredients: ....2.00% TOTAL: ....100.00% The oil in this product meets Florida Citrus Standards FC 435.66
  • Suggestions For Use When Plant is Actively Growing: This includes all suggested Florida uses as well as suggested uses on actively growing plants (non-dormant) in other Southeastern areas. Do not apply in Florida after October 1st. Do not use when temperatures fall below 42°F within 3 weeks of application. If second application of oil is necessary, do not apply within six weeks after first oil spray. Avoid spraying open blooms.
  • Dormant Uses: Dormant oil sprays are applied during the winter and early spring in those areas where many plants reach true dormancy (not Peninsular Florida). Dormant oil sprays should not be applied in freezing weather. Preferably, temperatures should be above 40°F. Dorm ant sprays are generally more effective in the spring just before new growth starts.
  • As A Plant Shine: For many slick leaved hardy house plants. Spray or wipe with a soft cloth or sponge using 2 tablespoonfuls per gallon of water.