TRIN-PAC Select Turf Growth Regulator (Primo MAX)

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Trin-Pac Select is a plant growth regulator that slows the top growth of the plant. By limiting the vertical growth, the energy in the plant is redirected to strengthening the root structure as well as prompting greater lateral growth. Using Trin-Pac Select will result in a reduction in the frequency of mowing and the amount of grass clippings, while increasing the color, quality and density of the turf. Rainfast within one hour after application and is effective only through absorption and not by plant uptake through the soil. As such, the use of a spreader may be beneficial.
  • Reduce turf maintenance costs. Better drought resistance and stress recovery
  • Reduce turf growth by 50% for up to four weeks
  • Increase the color, quality and density of turf

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